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Strombidae for dummies

The scientific side of shells is a very important one. All collectors in any field will come into contact with taxonomy. Maybe not in  the sense of writing a paper, but in the sens of name changes in any given group or shell family. These changes are annoying for collectors, but can be very usefull when you want to understand the relation between species or families of shells. Thanks to the DNA research done in recent times, we've seen a lot of these changes: Trochidae is split into Trochidae, Tegulidae and Calliostomatidae. Patellidae is split into several families that aren't even part of the same superfamily anymore and so much more.

This isn't any different in my favorite family: Strombidae. Many errors in old litterature are exposed, many species are being described and genera are getting split. It's a great time to be an amateur conchologist!

With this page, I want to educate you, our customers, in the world of Strombidae. This part of the website can be used by anyone, from beginning collectors to Strombidae experts. All names follow the latest published names and may not be in sinc with WoRMS and Molluscabase.

This part of the website is still under construction but will be launched later this year.


You may use these tools and pictures for your own personal use. When used publicly, always give credit to me (Goran Vertriest). All pictures used are self made and show specimens of my personal collection unless stated otherwise. All pictures that aren't created by me personally are used with the permission of the creator and the creator is credited. These cannot be used without the permission of the original creator.

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