Our return Policy

What? You received a broken item or a shell that doesn't meet your standards?

No problem!

We give a money back guarantee for any broken item or any item you aren't happy with. Let us know what is wrong with the shell within 14 days of receiving the shell, and we will take the necessary steps to refund or trade the shell.

In case of a broken shell, we need a picture as proof before we refund the shell.

Broken shells can also be replaced when a replacement is in our stock. Shells we can't replace will always be refunded.

Not happy with a specimen?

Note that all shells with scars or flaws, always have a second picture, showing this flaw (unless it is clearly visible in the default picture). Any flaw is always stated in the remark section. We will NOT refund any shells when the flaw is clearly visible in an extra picture AND is touched upon in the remark section of that shell. Please pay attention to the remark section before you buy an item.

Shells sold at shell shows will also be refunded when the specimen is not up to your standard by closer inspection at home. In this case, contact us through the contact form, within 14 days of your purchase, and we will refund/trade the shell. However, we would like to get the shell back at a next event. We do favor trades over refunding.

All cases will be handeled seperatly and with great care!

Please visit these pages for the contact form and a list of shell shows we will attend.

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