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Available Shells

Taking pictures of our fast growing stock proved to be a real challenge. This is a real shame as a lot of our shells aren't available for the visitors of our website. Therefore we decided to upload a monthly list of available shells.

There will be 2 lists available at all times:

- Our complete stock list with all species in stock

- A temporary monthly list, with all new shells from the past month

Both lists will be updated at the first day of each month. So be sure to check back from time to time or you'll maybe miss that one shell you're looking for!

Found something of your interrest? Please contact us through the contact forum with your request. We will take pictures of the requested shells as soon as possible! Please be aware that this may take up to a week for bigger requests.

The first monthly list will launch on 2 January 2021. Before that, you are able to scroll between our stock as of 1 december 2020.

All available species in stock.

New arrivals (Starting January, 2021)

comming soon.png

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