Terebellum hubrechti Good Size

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Nocnocan Island, Bohol, Philippines
Caught by compressor divers at 10 - 15 meters deep; 2021

Size - Grade:
40,14 mm - F++/+


Lip slightly filled. Lower lip and siphon slightly chipped. Great size, second biggest of the 8 specimen I have had in my possesion.

Terebellum hubrechti is a very rare species. GCshells bought up all specimen on offer the past 2-3 years from one of our Philippine sources. However, only 8 became available in this time. 3 shells are in the Vertriest collection, 2 where sold already, remaining these 3. We ask premium price for this species as it is much rarer than some "rare" species in Cypraeidae that costs 10x this money.

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