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2016 - 2020

Maxwell & Rymer, 2016: Sex-ratio bias in Laevistrombus canarium Linné, 1758 from Far North Queensland, Australia

Maxwell & Dekkers, 2018: A Putative Inter-Generic Hybrid Between Conomurex and Gibberulus from South Africa

Maxwell, Dekkers, Rymer & Congdon, 2019: Laevistrombus Abbott 1960 (Gastropoda: Strombidae): Indian and southwest Pacific species

Maxwell, Dekkers, Rymer & Congdon, 2019b: Recognising and defining a new crown clade within Stromboidea Rafinesque, 1815

Maxwell, Bordon, Rymer & Congdon, 2019: The birth of a species and the validity of hybrid nomenclature demonstrated with a revision of hybrid taxa within Strombidae

2021 - present

Maxwell, Lee Watt, Rymer & Congdon, 2021: A checklist of near-shore Strombidae on Green Island, Queensland

Maxwell, Hernandez Duran, Rowel & Rymer, 2021: An iconography of extant Gibberulus and the introduction of a new species

Maxwell & Dekkers, 2021: Studies in Canarium urceus Part 4: Canarium orrae and a new species from the Northern Territory, Australia

Maxwell & Dekkers, 2021: Studies in Canarium urceus Part 5: a New Species from the Northern Pacific Ocean

Maxwell, Rymer & Lee Watt, 2021: Field Notes on Sex-Bias in Gibberulus dekkersi on the Great Barrier Reef

Maxwell, 2021: The first record of Neodilatilabrum Dekkers, 2008 (Stromboidea, Neostromboidae, Strombidae) in Australia

Maxwell, Rymer & Congdon, 2022: A theoretical composite model for population sex-specific shell size dynamics in Strombidae

Maxwell, 2022: A New Putative Hybrid in Conomurex Fischer, 1884 With Notes on the Types of Hybrids

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