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Important notice:

Because of ongoing events in my personal life, the huge workload in my own collection and stock of GCshells, I have decided to temporary close the webstore. I expect to re-launch GCshells again in early October before the Pont-a-Celles shell show. Please follow us on facebook (GCshells) so you don't miss the re-launch later this year. When the website reopens, I will have prepared lots of new shells for you to choose from. We will re-launch with a bang!

We will attend the shell show in Öhringen, Germany in September for the first time and will have a table at the show in Pont-a-Celles in October as usual.

I'm still hopeful for the future, so let's make the future brighter by taking our time in the present!

Goran Vertriest

Our New Arrivals
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All shells
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Direct Links - Marine Molluscs
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Biv Pec - Euvola vogdesi.jpg
Direct Links - Land Snails
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Direct Links - Fresh Water Molluscs
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FWB - Schistodesmus spinosus.jpg

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