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1986 - 1999

Kronenberg, 1986: An extension of the range of Strombus (Dolomena) plicatus plicatus

Kronenberg, 1991: Strombus ochroglottis betuleti, a new subspecies from Sri Lanka with a short note on the distribution of S. mutabilis

Kronenberg, 1993: On the identity of Lambis wheelwrighti and L. arachnoides

Kronenberg, 1999: Revision of Euprotomus Gill, 1870. 2. On the identity of Strombus hirasei

2000 - 2010

Kronenberg & Dekker, 2000: A note on Strombus wilsoni and Strombus wilsonorum with the introduction of Strombus praeraninus

Kronenberg, 2002: Addendum to a revision of Euprotomus Gill, 1870. 2a. On the identity of Strombus hirasei

Kronenberg, 2002: Revision of Euprotomus Gill, 1870. 3. Description of Euprotomus aurora

Kronenberg & Vermeij, 2002: Terestrombus and Tridentarius, new genera of Indo-Pacific Strombidae

Kronenberg & Dharma, 2005: New Distributional Records for Four Species of Stromboidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Australasia

Kronenberg & Lee, 2007: Genera of American strombid gastropods (Gastropoda: Strombidae) and remarks on their phylogeny

Kronenberg, 2008: Born’s strombs (Mollusca: Gastropoda) with a note on Strombus succinctus Linnaeus, 1767.

Kronenberg, 2008: An intergeneric hybrid with remarks on the subdivision of Indo-Pacific Tricornis.

Kronenberg, 2009: A note on Bandel’s 2007 review of the classification and phylogeny of the Strombidae (Caenogastropoda).

Kronenberg, Liverani & Dekker, 2009: On the identity of Strombus coniformis

2011 - present

Kronenberg, 2013: First occurrence of putative hybridization in the genus Lobatus

Kronenberg, 2015: A note on Strombus scalariformis

Kronenberg, 2016: Revision of Euprotomus Gill, 1870. 5. A third putative hybrid in Euprotomus

Kronenberg & Wieneke, 2018: Revision of Euprotomus: On Strombus pavifrons, with some notes on early records of Euprotomus vomer

Kronenberg, Tan, Low & Chan, 2019: On the discovery of a syntype of Strombus robustus

​​Kronenberg & Wieneke, 2020a: Röding’s Stromboidea (Caenogastropoda): the remains of the Bolten collection

Kronenberg & Wieneke, 2020b: Erratum to Röding’s Stromboidea

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