Margistrombus eloiseae Paratype 12

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Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Ex. coll. Wiebe van Dijk, originally from Jan Drijver.

Size - Grade:
43,6 mm - F+


2 bore attempts are present near the shoulder knob. Lip and siphon rough.

This is paratype 12 of Margistrombus eloiseae. This species was named by myself and only 27 paratypes exist. 10 of those are in my own collection with another 7 in other Belgian collections. 3 are in Australia and The Netherlands and 1 in Germany, USA and Italy. Where will this one end up?
The slender shell from India was previously known as Strombus succinctus. However, it is proven that another species is actually linked to that name (the broader shell previously known as Strombus septimus). This results in 2 names for the broader species, where Strombus succicntus takes priority over Strombus septimus. The slender shell was not yet named. For the entire article, please see:

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