Conomurex coniformis

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Masirah Island, Oman

Size - Grade:
40,08 mm - F++


Lip rough (as in most shells I've seen). Apex gone

These shells where also named "masirensis" and experts still debate on the true identification of the species described as "Strombus coniformis" by Sowerby II. This is because both shells used are missing and are, for now, not found. This leaves the drawing as the only type material left. I have my own idea of what "coniformis" is, but I won't use that publicly. GCshells always uses the last published name for the shells offered. As the Conomurex from Oman was last linked to the name "Strombus coniformis" by Kronenberg, Liverani & Dekker, 2009, we hereby use this name for the Conomurex from Oman.

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